Stardew Valley Penny

Stardew Valley Penny

Stardew Valley Penny is a villager who lives in a little trailer by the river. She is one of the twelve characters available for marriage. Penny lives with her mom Pam. She tends to her chores in a small congested room she calls home, while her mother Pam is out to work at the Saloon. She is a shy and modest girl with no grand ambitions for her life. All she wants in life is to settle down and start her own family. She loves cooking and reading.

Penny’s Relationships

Penny lives with her mother and she is friends with Sam. She dances with Sam at the Flower Dance if nobody is dancing with the player. She teaches local children at the museum and takes them to the playground a few times a week.

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Stardew Valley Penny’s Gifts

You can present Penny with two gifts per week in addition to the one on her birthday. These gifts will raise or lower her friendship level with you. Penny’s birthday (Fall 2) gift will have an 8x effect and trigger a unique dialogue.

Following is a detail of gifts that Penny will love, like, dislike or hate.

Gifts Penny Loves

In order to increase your relationship level with Penny, the following are the best gifts you can get her.

  1. Tom Kha Soup
  2. Diamond
  3. Poppy
  4. Red Plate
  5. Roots Platter
  6. Emerald
  7. Melon
  8. Sandfish
  9. Prism Shard

Penny’s Reaction to Gifts She Loves

Stardew Valley Penny
Excited Penny

Following is the dialogue Penny would say when you give her a gift she loves.

*Thank you! I really love this!*

Gifts Penny Likes

Penny would like gifts from the following list and giving her other than these gifts will result in Penny being unimpressed and unhappy and this will cause your relationship to go down, so you should make sure that you do not give her items she does not like. Here is a list of items Penny likes.

  1. Goods made with Artisan equipment other than Alcohol
  2. Cooked items except for the fried egg, bread, and strange bun
  3. All gems
  4. All tree fruits
  5. Flowers except for poppy
  6. Leek
  7. Dandelion

Penny’s Reaction to Gifts she likes
Stardew Valley Penny
Pleased Penny

Here is Penny’s response when you give her one of the gifts she likes.

*Thank you! This looks special!*

Gifts Penny Dislikes

These gifts are what Penny does not like and will not respond in a favorable way. This will eventually affect your friendship with her.

  1. Farm items
  2. Bombs
  3. Red Mushroom
  4. Purple Mushroom
  5. Salmonberry
  6. House items
  7. All construction materials
  8. Geodes
  9. Algae Soup
  10. Duck Feather
  11. Pale Broth
  12. Quartz
  13. Wool
  14. Fish and Fishing items
  15. Seeds

Penny’s Reaction to Gifts She Dislikes
Stardew Valley Penny
Concerned Penny

Here is the dialogue you will get when you gift her items she dislikes.

*Uh, it’s for me? Thanks*

Gifts Penny Hates

These are the gifts that Penny hates and it will result in an upsetting reaction from her.

  1. Bait
  2. Artifacts
  3. Trash
  4. Monster Loot
  5. Hay
  6. Sap
  7. Totems
  8. Grape
  9. Poppy
  10. Alcohol
  11. Hops
  12. Strange Bun
  13. Rabbit’s Foot
  14. Holly

Penny’s Reaction to Gifts she Hates
Stardew Valley Penny
Annoyed Penny

This is how Penny will react to the gifts she hates.

*Ugh I’m sorry, but I absolutely hate this*

Penny’s Heart Events

A special heart event will occur with you and penny for every two hearts you get on your friendship meter. Have a look at a brief summary of all the heart events that may ultimately lead to the player’s marriage with Penny.

Two Hearts

*Enter Pelican Town on a sunny day between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM*

Four Hearts

*Enter the trailer when she is home*

Six Hearts

*Enter the trailer when she is home*

Eight Hearts

*Enter Cindersap Forest b/w 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM*

Ten Hearts

*Penny sends you a letter, after receiving the same, Enter the pool area of Spa b/w 7:00 PM and Midnight*

Group Ten Hearts

If you are unmarried and have given bouquet to all available bachelors, have friendship level 10 hearts with each, have seen all 10 heart events, entering Emily/Haley’s house will trigger a cutscene.

Fourteen Hearts

*Enter the farmhouse between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM when Penny is home*


Marriage Event (WooHoo!)

Penny Stardew Valley will move into the farmhouse with you after marriage. She will add her own room to right of bedroom like other marriage candidates. She will set up a small garden behind the farmhouse where she will go for reading sometimes. She will keep working at the museum and travel to town to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Penny will offer you large milk, egg, mixed seeds, or a geode on a rainy morning. On days when penny stays inside all day, she may offer you omelet, hashbrowns, or pancakes for breakfast. She may offer you dinner on rainy nights like Salmon dinner, crispy bass, fried eel, carp surprise, or vegetable medley.

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