Stardew Valley Leah

Stardew Valley Leah

Stardew Valley Leah is a villager who lives outside Pelican Town in a small cottage. She is among the twelve characters available for marriage. She loves sculpting every morning inside her cottage. Her home opens at 10:00 AM but you must have two hearts friendship level with her to enter inside. She is a great artist but lacks the confidence to show her art to the public. Let’s explore Leah Stardew Valley a little more; you might end up falling for her.

Leah’s Relationships

Leah lives alone in her cottage. She is friends with Elliot but loves to spend her time sculpting in her cottage.

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Stardew Valley Leah’s Gifts

You can give Leah two gifts per week and an extra on her birthday which is on Winter 23. These gifts will raise or lower your friendship with her depending upon what’s your gift. The gift on her birthday will have an 8x effect and it will reveal a unique dialogue.

Gifts Leah Loves

In order to increase your relationship level with Leah, the following are the best gifts you can get her.

  1. Salad
  2. Stir Fry
  3. Poppyseed Muffin
  4. Goat Cheese
  5. Truffle
  6. Vegetable Medley
  7. Wine
  8. Prismatic Shard
  9. Rabbits Foot

Leah’s Reaction to Gifts She Loves
Stardew Valley Leah
Excited Leah

Leah will be excited and content to have something she loves as a gift. She will say the following dialogue if you gift her anything she loves.

*OH! That is exactly what I wanted! Thank you!*

Gifts Leah Likes

Leah likes the following items and if you gift her anything else it may have a negative impact on your friendship with her.

  1. Goods made with Artisan Equipment
  2. Mushrooms other than Red
  3. All Gems
  4. Eggs
  5. Milk
  6. Any Flower except Poppy
  7. Fruits
  8. Foraged items

Leah’s Reaction to Gifts She Likes
Stardew Valley Leah
Pleased Leah

Leah Stardew Valley will react in a somewhat neutral way with the following dialogue to say.

*This is a really nice gift! Thank you!*

Gifts Leah Dislikes

The following are the items that Leah is not very fond of and would hate as a gift. She will react angrily and it will impact your friendship level with her.

  1. Bombs
  2. Seeds
  3. Fishing items
  4. Tortilla
  5. Geodes
  6. Farm items
  7. Rice Pudding
  8. Ore and Bars
  9. Essences
  10. Carp Surprise
  11. Cookie
  12. Fried Egg
  13. House items
  14. Ice Cream
  15. Pink Cake
  16. Survival Burger
  17. All construction materials

Leah’s Reaction to Gifts She Dislikes
Stardew Valley Leah
Concerned Leah

Leah will say the following dialogue if you give her gifts from the above described list.

*Hmmm… I guess everyone has different tastes*

Gifts Leah Hates

Leah will hate if you gift her any of the following items. It will have a negative impact on your friendship level with her.

  1. Bait
  2. Poppy
  3. Monster Loot
  4. Trash
  5. Hay
  6. Sap
  7. Totems
  8. Strange Bun
  9. Bread
  10. Artifacts
  11. Pancakes
  12. Pizza
  13. Hashbrowns
  14. Void Egg

Leah’s Reaction to Gifts She Hates
Stardew Valley Leah
Annoyed Leah

Leah for sure will react angrily if you gift her anything she hates. She’d say the following.

*This is a pretty terrible gift, isn’t it*

Leah’s Heart Events

On the basis of your level of friendship with Leah, here is a short summary of encounters that may happen with you and her.

Two Hearts

*Enter Leah’s Cottage when she is there*

Four Hearts

*Enter Leah’s Cottage when she is there*

Six Hearts

*Enter Leah at your farmhouse door on any day but rainy between 6:00 AM and 11:30 AM*

Six Hearts Event 2

*Enter Cindersap Forest when Leah is there during any season but winter*

Eight Hearts- Art Show

In case you have suggested an art show during her two heat events, Leah will be at your farmhouse door b/w 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM other than winter. She will invite you to her art show. Enter Pelican Town b/w 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on any day.

Eight Heart- Art Website

If you have suggested her art website in her two-heart event, enter Leah’s Cottage when she is there.

Ten Heart

*Enter Cindersap Forest between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM, in any season except winter*

Group Ten Heart

If you are unmarried and have given a bouquet to all available bachelors, have friendship level 10 hearts with each, and have seen all 10 heart events, entering Leah’s Cottage will trigger a scene.

Fourteen Heart

Exit the farmhouse between 5:00 AM and 8:20 AM on a sunny day but it should not be a Sunday in the winter season.

Marriage Event

Stardew Valley Leah will move into the farmhouse with you after marriage. She will add her own room to the right of the bedroom like other marriage candidates. She will set up a small area where she will go to sculpt sometime.

Leah may offer you the following on a rainy day: Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Red Mushroom, or Morel. When she stays inside all day she may offer you coffee or Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion, Cactus Fruit, Fiddlehead Fern, Spiceberry, or Sweet pea. She might as well offer you salad. Leah will give you a bottle of wine at New Year’s Eve.

*And they lived happily ever after*

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