Stardew Valley Sprinkler

Stardew Valley Sprinkler

Stardew Valley Sprinkler Guide

In case you are wondering how to find a new Stardew Valley Sprinkler, you are at the right spot. Farming is not only throwing seeds on the ground and waiting for crops to pop up without doing the hard work, but it also involves giving your crops the care and love they need and deserve considering them your children. Watering is one way of showing your crops the affection they deserve and the process gets way easier when you replace your traditional watering can with Sprinkler Stardew Valley. You will not have to tend to Individual Square with a watering can and time can be spent performing other tasks.

A watering can is all you need when you initially start farming, but eventually when you grow your empire and extend your farm, you will need some assistance to make it easier and quicker to water your crops. Stardew Valley Sprinkler is a key to having an efficient irrigation system for your farm and with the correct Stardew Valley Sprinkler Layout you will not have to do a thing till your crops are ready to harvest. You won’t have to click gazillion times a day to water your crops. It can be troublesome to figure out the best layout for Sprinklers especially when you are a newbie and the best way to group your crops but do not be distressed as we are here to help you find out the best Stardew Valley Sprinkler Layout for your farming empire. We will also explain different types of sprinklers, the material required to craft them, and layout suggestions for each type.

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Stardew Valley Sprinkler – Basic Sprinkler

The basic Stardew Valley sprinkler is the first type you will be able to get. It unlocks at farming level two, it has a reach of one tile and it waters four total spaces as shown in the diagram. It waters spaces directly above, below, left, and to the right of the sprinkler. Being the first type they should be easy to deploy but they are the most difficult to place because of their cross shape.

Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler
Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler

Ingredients Required

Iron Bar: 1

Copper Bar: 1

The basic sprinkler can be crafter with one Copper Bar and one Iron bar only.

Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler Layout

There are various layouts for the basic sprinkler but they all involve it being placed diagonally, which looks odd. If you wish to deploy them in Neat Square there will be gaps always. So placing a basic sprinkler can be tricky and annoying at the same time. In case you have put your basic sprinkler at the wrong place, you can hit it with an ax and get it back to your inventory.

Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler Layout
Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler Layout & Design

Now what I think is, the player should know that Basic sprinklers are the very first ones you will be able to get your hands on but it is a waste of precious resources and it not worth it. Copper bars are very important and valuable in the early game as they are required for Silo, the copper tool upgrades, mayonnaise machines, and the tappers. Copper bars are very much mandatory for earlier progress and also useful for keg which is the most profitable item in the Stardew Valley. So I suggest you keep your bars for these tasks rather than using them on Basic sprinkler which is of not much use.

Stardew Valley Sprinkler – Quality Sprinkler

stardew valley quality sprinkler is next level sprinkler which you can unlock at farming level 6. It is a huge step up as it waters 8 tiles around it in a 3×3 square and does a wonderful job when it is about watering your crops without lifting a finger.

Stardew Valley Quality Sprinkler
Stardew Valley Quality Sprinkler

Ingredients required

Iron Bars: 1

Gold Bars: 1

Refined Quartz: 1

stardew valley quality sprinkler is extremely easy just like a basic sprinkler but with upgraded qualities of watering much more area without having to do anything at all. You can craft a quality sprinkler stardew valley with one iron bar, one gold bar, and one refined quart. That’s all that you need. Some people skip quality sprinklers and intend to go for stardew valley iridium sprinkler which is a mistake in my opinion as iridium sprinkler stardew valley are way harder to craft when compared to basic or quality sprinklers which are not much difficult to craft as compared to the basic version.

Stardew Valley Quality Sprinkler Layout

The best possible placing of quality sprinkler stardew valley is to place them two squares away from one another to avoid overlapping. You can either go for a vast area of the same crop or divide the farm into smaller sections with different types of crops.

Stardew Valley Quality Sprinkler Layout
Stardew Valley Quality Sprinkler Layout & Design

It water 8 spaces around it like a perfect clean square without leaving gaps and easy to place. It is super easy to craft like a basic sprinkler; the copper bar is replaced by gold one which you will find a lot of in the mines. The gold bars will be useless to some extent as your tools will not be ready for the upgrade yet. You will have plenty of quarts as well.

Finally, with the expansion of your farm, you will find yourself replacing them by Iridium Sprinkler, of course, the quality sprinkler will still be a useful investment and you can liquidate them against 450G / sprinkler and that’s a pretty great bang of your buck compared with the resources used when you crafted them. So I suggest you do not skip but craft a lot of them, and sell them back when you start getting the Iridium Sprinkler in the next stages.

Stardew Valley Sprinkler – Iridium Sprinkler

And here comes the best version of sprinklers, The Iridium Sprinklers!

Stardew valley iridium sprinkler is so far the best farming tool in Stardew Valley which waters 24 crop spaces in a neat 5×5 square.  For bulk irrigation of your crops, Iridium Sprinklers are best in the game.

Stardew Valley Iridium Sprinkler
Stardew Valley Iridium Sprinkler

Ingredients Required

Iridium Sprinklers are not very easy to get your hands on. You need a pretty good amount of resources to craft these.

Gold Bars: 1

Iridium Bars: 1

Battery Packs: 1

Finding gold is not a great deal, you will find plenty of it in the mines. Getting a battery pack is also not that hard, you only have to place a few lightning rods on your farm to get one. It is the Iridium bar that is a tough nut to crack.

To get Iridium bars you will have to go to the Skull Cavem which is located in the desert. To access the Cavem you will have to reach level 120 in the mines and repair the vault at the community center in Pelican Town. All this will cost you a 42.5K Gold which is huge. After you complete all this, Iridium is located in the lower part of Cavem so you will have to make sure you are equipped with powerful weapons, stairs, and bombs to fight the monsters to get them. In case you are not properly armed you will be hit harder by the monsters as they are extremely powerful.

Wait even if you have all these ingredients you will have to reach farming level 9 to start crafting Iridium Sprinklers.

Stardew Valley Iridium Sprinkler Layout

Planning iridium sprinkler stardew valley is an easy task due to their 5×5 layout. You have to place four spaces away from one another to get better coverage. A column of 3 Iridium Sprinklers will water 72 spaces of your farm, pretty good huh!

Stardew Valley Iridium Sprinkler Layout
Stardew Valley Iridium Sprinkler Layout & Design

Well if you hate mining (required to get gold bars) and fighting monsters (required to get Iridium bars), there is always another way. You can buy iridium sprinkler stardew valley from Krobus in the sewers every Friday but that will cost you 10,000 Gold for one piece. If you think you got enough gold bars this is the viable solution.


Here are some popular questions people ask.

Why my Stardew Valley Sprinkler is not working?

It is working, the thing is it will water the crops every morning so it will not do anything the day you deploy it on your farm. You have to wait until the next morning.

How to move Stardew Valley Sprinkler?

Hit the sprinkler with an ax and it will move to your inventory.

Can we recycle Stardew Valley Sprinkler?

You can not recycle but you can sell them for a good amount of gold. You can sell the basic sprinkler for 100 gold, the stardew valley quality sprinkler for 450, and the iridium sprinkler stardew valley for 1000 gold. The upgrade process form Quality to Iridium Sprinkler can get you loads of gold.

Is Stardew Valley Sprinkler worth it?

The basic sprinkler is not but quality and iridium sprinklers are worth the effort and material used to craft. With quality and iridium sprinkler you can water more crops without doing a bit while with the watering can you have to spend a lot of time watering each space on your farm individually. The very time you save due to the quality or iridium sprinklers can be spent in mining, cooking, fishing, or fighting the monsters.

How does the sprinkler work in Stardew Valley work?

Stardew Valley Sprinkler is crafted from Iron, Copper, Gold, and Iridium Bars and it waters 4 tiles (above, below, right, and left) every morning. This is the basic version. With the upgraded version or quality sprinkler stardew valley you can water 8 crops in the perfect square without leaving gaps around. With the best version called Iridium Sprinkler, you can water 24 spaces of crops with one sprinkler in a perfect square without wasting time using the watering can. One thing to be kept in mind, sprinklers can not water garden pots or pet’s water pots.

What is the best way to use a Stardew Valley Sprinkler?

In my opinion, basic sprinklers are not worth crafting, but if you wish to use them you have to use them diagonally, this is the best possible layout as described in our Stardew Valley Basic Sprinkler Layout section. For Quality Sprinklers you can make 3×3 plots with the sprinklers in the middle to make sure proper watering. Once you upgrade to Iridium Sprinkler it is way easier to use them. Make 5×5 plots and place them in the middle for perfect coverage.