Stardew Valley Sebastian

Stardew Valley Sebastian

Stardew Valley Sebastian is a villager who lives in the northern mountains of Pelican Town. His mother owns a carpenter shop north of town and he lives in the basement of the same shop. He is one of the twelve candidates you can romance with.

Sebastian’s Nature

Sebastian in Stardew Valley is of rebellious nature and likes to live alone most of the time in his parents’ basement. He is Maru’s half brother and he thinks that she gets all the attention and love of parents and he is left to rot in the dark basement. He is deeply involved in comic books, sci-fi novels, and computer games and spends most of the time pursuing these activities in his basement alone. He is a bit unwelcoming to people he does not know. Let’s hope a new farmer (You) can grow flowers in the wasteland of his heart.

Sebastian’s Relationships

Sebastian lives with his mother Robin, Step-dad Demetrius, and half-sister Maru. Robin calls him Sebby. Stardew Valley Sebastian is friends with Sam and often they both can be found hanging out at Sam’s house along with Abigail.

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Sebastian’s Gifts

You can give Sebastian two gifts per week and an extra on his birthday which is on Winter 10. These gifts will raise or lower your friendship with him depending upon what your gift is. The birthday gift will have an 8x effect and it will reveal a unique dialogue.

Gifts Sebastian Loves

In order to increase your relationship level with Sebastian Stardew Valley, the following are the best gifts you can get him.

  1. Frozen Tear
  2. Pumpkin Soup
  3. Obsidian
  4. Sashimi
  5. Void Egg
  6. Prism Shard
  7. Rabbit’s foot

Sebastian’s Reaction to Gifts he Loves
Stardew Valley Sebastian
Excited Sebastian

Sebastian gets excited to receive the gifts he loves. Here is how he will react.

*I really love this. How did you know?*

Gifts Sebastian Likes

Sebastian likes the following items and giving him other items will result in him being unimpressed and unhappy, or in some cases, upset. This can cause your relationship to go down, so make sure you do not accidentally give him the wrong item.

  1. Any Flowers except Poppy
  2. Coffee, Mead, and Oil
  3. Bun
  4. All Gems
  5. All Tree Fruits
  6. Quartz
  7. Cooked items except for Fried Egg, Bread, Complete Breakfast, Farmer’s Lunch, Omelet and Strange

Sebastian’s Reaction to Gifts he Likes
Stardew Valley Sebastian
Pleased Sebastian

Sebastian will react in a neutral way. It will most probably not impact your friendship level with him.

*Thanks I like this*

Gifts Sebastian Dislikes

The following are the items Sebastian would not like as a gift and will not react favorably to.

  1. Bombs
  2. Geodes
  3. Seeds
  4. Fish and Fishing items
  5. House items
  6. Farm items
  7. Quartz
  8. All construction materials

Sebastian’s Reaction to Gifts he Dislikes
Stardew Valley Sebastian
Concerned Sebastian

Sebastian will not like it if you give him anything from the above mentioned list of things. He will say only one word in reaction.


Gifts Sebastian Hates

If you give Sebastian any of the following items, it will result in an angry reaction.

  1. Artifacts
  2. Omelet
  3. Bait
  4. Clay
  5. Trash
  6. Hay
  7. Poppy
  8. Sap
  9. Totems
  10. Monster Loot
  11. Strange Bun
  12. Holly
  13. Farmer’s Lunch
  14. Eggs
  15. Complete Breakfast

Sebastian’s Reaction to Gifts He Hates
Stardew Valley Sebastian
Annoyed Sebastian

Sebastian for sure will react angrily if you gift him anything he hates. He’d say the following.

*I hate this*

Special Events

On the basis of your friendship level with Stardew Valley Sebastian, here is a short summary of encounters that may happen with you and him.

Two Hearts

*Enter Sebastian’s room when he is there*

Four Hearts

*Go to the Mountain b/w 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM*

Six Hearts

*Enter Sebastian’s room when he is there*

Eight Hearts

*On a rainy day go to the beach b/w noon and 11:00 PM*

Ten Heart

*Go to The Mountain between 8 pm and midnight*

If you are unmarried and have given a bouquet to all available bachelors, have friendship level 10 hearts with each, and have seen all 10 heart events, entering The Stardrop Saloon will trigger a cutscene.

Fourteen Heart

*Go to The Mountains on a rainy day b/w 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM*

Marriage Event

Sebastian Stardew Valley will move into the farmhouse with you after marriage. He will add his own room to the right of the bedroom like other marriage candidates. He will set up a small area behind the farmhouse for his motorcycle where he will go and work on it.

Sebastian may offer you coffee when he is staying indoor all day. On rainy days he will offer you anything he may have found in the cave-like, Obsidian, Void Essence, Batwing, Frozen Tear, Amethyst, or Cave Carrot. He will offer you a Beer to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Winter 28.

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