Ninja SS401 Vs SS351 Comparison 2022

Choosing the right tools for your kitchen can be a difficult process, especially if you’re on a budget. There are so many different products available that it’s easy to feel like you have to choose between quantity and quality. Thankfully, there are some affordable products out there that aren’t cheap in quality. Take the Ninja Smoothie Maker as an example. They are affordable, high-performance, and come with one year warranty for your peace of mind.

Ninja SS401 Vs SS351

Even better? These blenders come with a range of accessories so you can make your favorite drink in the right consistency and texture and in the right quantity.

In this article, we are comparing Ninja SS401 vs SS351, two of the most powerful Ninja blenders available on the market. Let’s have a look at what makes them different from one another and which one comes out on the top.

Ninja SS401 Vs SS351 Comparison Table

FeaturesNinja SS401Ninja SS351
Dimensions8.7x8.3x16.14 Inches8.19x8.43x14.17 Inches
Weight12.1 lbs8.2 lbs
Body MaterialHigh Quality Plastic / Stainless SteelHigh Quality Plastic / Stainless Steel
Blade MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Pitchers MaterialBPA Free PlasticBPA Free Plastic
FunctionsSpread, Bowl, Extract, Smoothie, Chop, Disc, DoughExtract, Smoothie, Bowl, Spread, Chop, Dough
Speed SettingsVariable SpeedVariable Speed
Pulse SettingYesYes
ControlsDial & One Touch ButtonsDial & One Touch Buttons
Auto IQ TechnologyYesYes
Hot BlendingNoNo
Main Pitcher Size72 Oz72 Oz
Clean upTop Rack Dishwasher SafeTop Rack Dishwasher Safe
WarrantyOne Year Limited WarrantyOne Year Limited Warranty
Amazon Rating4.8/5 Star (775 Reviews)4.8/5 (7.7K Reviews)

Differences: Ninja SS401 Vs SS351 Blenders

Ninja SS401 and SS351 are some of the most popular Ninja blenders in the market that come with unique and powerful features. Both have multiple features in common as well as we noticed a few differences. Let’s discuss the key differences here!

Construction, Size & Weight

Ninja SS401 and SS351 are well built, durable and powerful blenders that you can get for your blending needs. Both models are mostly made out of high-quality plastic while the blades are made of stainless steel. The pitchers we get with either of the model are made of food grade BPA free plastic which is both durable and health friendly.

The main unit of Ninja SS401 has square base, silver exterior and a well-designed control panel which looks both advanced and easy to follow. Same goes for Ninja SS351 which looks robust and powerful with a premium feel when you hold the blender in your hands.

Ninja SS401 measures 9x8x16 inches and weighs about 12 pounds while Ninja SS351 measures 8×8.4×14 Inches and weighs about 8 pounds. Given the weight and size of both models, they are compact and easy to store.

Number of Functions

There is no denying that the Ninja Blender is one of the most popular and versatile kitchen appliances on the market today. With its powerful blending capabilities, it can easily handle a variety of different recipes – from soups and sauces to smoothies and desserts.

But what really sets the Ninja Blender apart from other similar appliances is its ability to chop and dice fruits and vegetables with ease. This means that you can quickly and easily create healthy meals without having to spend a lot of time preparing ingredients.

Ninja SS401 comes with 7 presets which are:

  • Spread
  • Bowl
  • Extract
  • Smoothie
  • Chop
  • Disc
  • Dough

Ninja SS351 comes with 6 presets which are:

  • Extract
  • Smoothie
  • Bowl
  • Spread
  • Chop
  • Dough


Ninja SS401 vs SS351 are powerful blenders with incredible blending prowess. Ninja SS401has a 1600W motor base while Ninja SS351 comes with 1400W motor base which clearly indicates that SS401 is the powerful of the two.

The Pitchers

Another minor difference that we noticed is the pitchers’ size. Ninja SS401 comes with the following pitchers:

  • 72 Oz Blender & Processor Pitcher
  • 18 Oz XL Smoothie Bowl Maker with Built-in Tamper and Storage Lid
  • 24 Oz Nutrient Extraction Cup

Ninja SS351 comes with the following pitchers:

  • 72 Oz Blender & Processor Pitcher
  • (2) 24 Oz Nutrient Extraction Cups & Spout Lids
  • 14 Oz Smoothie Bowl Maker with Storage Lid

What’s Included?

Ninja SS401 comes with the following:

  • 1600 Peak-Watt Motor Base
  • 72 Oz Blender & Processor Pitcher
  • Feed chute lid with 2-part pusher
  • 18 Oz XL Smoothie Bowl Maker with Built-in Tamper and Storage Lid
  • 24 Oz Nutrient Extraction Cup
  • Total Crushing & Chopping Blade Assembly
  • Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc
  • Grating Disc
  • Dough Blade
  • Hybrid Edge Blades Assembly
  • 20 Recipe Inspiration Guide

Ninja SS351 has the following in the box:

  • 1400 Peak Watt Power Dense Motor
  • 72 Oz Blender & Processor Pitcher
  • Total Crushing & Chopping Blade
  • Dough Blade
  • Cleaning Brush
  • (2) 24 Oz Nutrient Extraction Cups & Spout Lids
  • 14 Oz Smoothie Bowl Maker with Storage Lid
  • Hybrid Edge Blades
  • Recipe Inspiration Guide

Similarities: Ninja SS401 vs SS351

Besides a few differences, the two ninja blenders are quite similar in terms of appearance, controls and what comes in the package.

Control Panel

The Ninja Blender control panel is designed to be user friendly. The buttons are labelled clearly and there is a power button on the far left. Each function has its own specific button so you can easily change settings without having to guess which does what.

Ninja SS401 Vs SS351 Control Panels

The control panel also includes a pulse button and a start/stop button. The pulse button will give your recipe an extra burst of power, perfect for getting smooth results when blending tough ingredients. The start/stop button allows you to quickly turn the blender off and on again without having to unplug it from the wall.

Both blenders have digital timer so you could keep track of how long the blending has been going on. Furthermore, there is an easy to use dial to select the required speed and blending function. There are no super advanced touch screen displays and intimidating controls so anybody can use these blenders with ease.

Auto IQ Technology

Both blenders come packed with auto IQ technology which means the blenders has the ability to micro-adjust and fine-tune the speed to get the best texture and consistency of whatever is that you are preparing.

 What Can you Make?

Ninja SS401 vs SS351 are multifunctional and versatile kitchen appliances capable of handling about anything. With either of the two blenders and mixers, you can prepare smoothie bowls, regular smoothies, delicious frozen drinks, cookie dough, pizza dough, purees, salsas and more. Need to chop the ingredients or mix them, Ninja SS401 and SS351 will do that in a jiffy.

 Quick Overview of Ninja SS401 Blender

The Good √

  • A complete food processing solution
  • Multiple jars included
  • Multiple blade assemblies for various tasks
  • Dishwasher safe, hence easy to clean
  • Powerful motor base
  • Durable construction with BPA free material

The Bad ×

  • No hot blending
  • Complaints about leakage

Quick Overview of Ninja SS401 Blender

The Good √

  • Complete blending package
  • Versatile and powerful
  • Compact and portable
  • User friendly controls
  • Affordable price tag
  • Dishwasher safe accessories

The Bad ×

  • Gets hotter while blending
  • Fragile blender base
  • Noisy

Verdict: Ninja SS401 Vs SS351

If you are looking for a powerful blender that can crush and blend about anything you throw in the pitcher, Ninja SS401 is your guy. It comes with 3 different size of pitchers, 1600 Watts of power and stainless-steel blade assembly to mix, blend, chop, crush anything you want.

However, if you are looking for a versatile and multifunctional blender and food processor on a budget, Ninja SS351 will serve the purpose. It comes with 1400 Watts of power, and 3 pitchers to crush and mix all sorts of ingredients.

If this article has helped you choose your desired Ninja blender and food processor, leave us a comment below.

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