Gigabyte g32qc vs Dell s3220dgf Comparison: Key Differences

Gamers have started to invest more time and money into gaming accessories that make their experience better. This has led to an increase in demand for gaming monitors specifically designed with gamers in mind.

Gigabyte G32QC Vs Dell S3220DGF

With so many options on the market right now, picking one can be challenging. In this post, we will compare Gigabyte 432qc vs Dell s3220dgf two of the finest curved gaming monitors available on Amazon so you could find the one that suits to your requirements.

Gigabyte g32qc vs Dell s3220dgf Comparison

FeaturesGigabyte g32qcDell s3220dgf
Dimensions33.4x7.5x21.8 Inches27.92x9.83x18.45 Inches
Screen Size32"32"
Resolution2560x1440 2K QHD2560x1440 2K QHD
Refresh Rate165Hz165Hz
Response Time1ms4ms
Panel TypeVAVA
Connectivity1x Display Port 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 3.01x Display Port 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 3.0
Weight24 lb16.8 lb
ErgonomicsTilt and Height AdjustmentHeight, tilt and Swivel
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Amazon Rating4.6/5 Star (1.1K Reviews)4.7/5 Star (299 Reviews)

Difference between Gigabyte g32qc vs Dell s3220dgf Gaming Monitors

Gigabyte g32qc and Dell s3220dgf are ideal jumbo monitors for folks who are looking for big screens for office work or intense gaming routine. With 165Hz refresh rate, Freesync to HDR, 2K resolution (2560x1440p) the monitors are well suited for just about anything.

Gigabyte g32qc and Dell s3220dgf curved monitors are designed while keeping gamers in mind so you will get tons of gaming features if you are looking for your next gaming monitor. Here are some key differences between Gigabyte g32qc vs Dell s3220dgf curved gaming monitors.

  • Gigabyte g32qc measures 33.4×7.5×21.8 Inches while Dell s3220dgf measures 27.92×9.83×18.45 Inches.
  • Gigabyte g32qc weighs 24 pounds whereas Dell s3220dgf weighs 16.8 pounds.
  • Dell s3220dgf has a response rate of 4ms while on the other hand, Gigabyte g32qc has incredible response rate of 1ms only which gives you an amazing gaming experience without trailing and ghosting.
  • Gigabyte g32qc is slightly heavy weighing 24 pounds in comparison to Dell s3220dgf which weighs about 16.8 pounds.
  • In terms of ergonomics, Gigabyte g32qc has tilt and height adjustability option whereas Dell s3220dgf is more ergonomic and adjustable with height adjustment feature, tilt and swivel. Dell s3220dgf is more adjustable in terms of having a perfect viewing angle.

Similarities: Gigabyte g32qc Vs Dell s3220dgf

Despite some differences, both monitors have a few common features as well that we found worth mentioning.

  • Both gaming screens have 32” curved display for a complete and immersive gaming experience.
  • Both monitors feature 2K 2560x1440p resolution and 165Hz refresh rate for incredible image quality and smooth gaming.
  • Both monitors come with VA panel which is perfect for excellent contrast ratio and the only drawback VA panels have is slight motion blur that you may find annoying while gaming.
  • In terms connectivity, both screens come with 1 DisplayPort, 2 HDMI ports, and 2 USB 3.0 ports for rich connectivity.
  • Both Gigabyte g32qc and Dell s3220dgf are backed by 3-year limited warranty.

Quick Overview of GIGABYTE G32QC 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor

  • Fantastic ergonomics
  • Amazing gaming features and specs
  • Rich connectivity
  • No trailing and ghosting
  • Expensive for budget gamers
  • Flickering complaints

Quick Overview of Dell S3220DGF 32-Inch Curved LED Gaming Monitor

  • High resolution, low input lag and response rate
  • Height, Tilt and Swivel
  • Incredible color reproduction
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Expensive for budget gamers
  • Fragile construction

Gigabyte g32qc Vs Dell s3220dgf: Winner?

Now that we have gone through major features and differences between Gigabyte g32qc vs Dell s3220dgf curved gaming monitor, it would be easy for you to pick your favorite. Overall, gigabyte g32qc and dell s3220dgf monitors are quite similar however, Dell s3220dgf gaming monitor has better ergonomics and adjustability for a perfect viewing angle.

Furthermore, it has better black uniformity, and gradient handling. On the other hand, gigabyte g32qc gaming monitor has faster response time, superb brightness and incredible gaming performance makes it one of the most favorite gaming monitors on the market. What would you choose and why? Let us know your thoughts on the two monitors in the comment section below.

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