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What is the Difference Between Homall vs GTRacing 099 Gaming Chair?

With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to find the right gaming chair for you. However, if you’re looking for a chair that will help you relax while you play, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, look for a chair with adjustable lumbar support and headrests. This will allow you to customize the fit of the chair to your body, ensuring that you’re comfortable even during long gaming sessions. Second, make sure that the gaming chair you select has a sturdy frame and base.

Homall Vs GTRacing Chair

In this blog post, we are comparing Gtracing 099 Vs Homall gaming chair side by side in order to find out which one of these is better and has more to offer in terms of convenience and comfort. Let’s find out!

Homall Vs Gtracing 099 Comparison

FeaturesHomall Gaming ChairGtracing 099 Gaming Chair
Dimensions20"D x 20"W x 51"H20.86"Dx21"Wx51"H
Item Weight41 lbs46.4 lbs
Weight Capacity260 lbs300 lbs
Seat MaterialFoamFoam
Rocking FeatureYesNo
Headrest & Lumbar SupportYesYes
Available colors49
FrameMetal frameMetal Frame
Adjustability4D - Adjust height, armrests, recline 90-180D, 360D swivel4D - Adjust height, armrests, recline 90-160D, 360D swivel
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Homall vs Gtracing 099 Gaming Chair: Key Difference

The main difference between Homall and Gtracing 099 gaming chair is the weight capacity, availability of colors, rocking feature, and the wider reclining angle. Let’s discus the differences one by one first.

Weight capacity

Gaming chairs come in different weight capacities, so you’ll want to be sure to choose the one that can hold your weight. Most gaming chairs have a weight capacity of around 300 pounds, but some can go up to 350 or even 400 pounds.

Just be sure to always check the weight capacity before purchasing a gaming chair, as exceeding the weight limit could cause damage to the chair or yourself. Gtracing 009 gaming chair has weight capacity of 300 pounds whereas Homall gaming chair comes with 260 pounds weight capacity.

Rocking feature

The rocking feature on a gaming chair is a great way to add some comfort and relaxation to your game play. While it may not be the most essential feature, it can add to the comfort and chill while you play your favorite games. The homall gaming chair comes with rocking feature while Gtracing 099 doesn’t have such feature.

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When it comes to choosing a gaming chair, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. However, some colors may be more suitable for certain types of gaming stations than others.

Gtracing is available in 9 vibrant colors while Homall gaming chair has only 4 colors to choose from.

Adjustability / Tilt

Gaming chairs are designed to be adjustable in order to provide the user with a comfortable experience. The most common adjustments are for height and angle.

Height adjustment allows the user to set the chair at a height that is most comfortable for them. This is important because everyone is different in terms of their height and it is important to be able to adjust the chair accordingly.

Angle adjustment allows the user to set the chair so that it is tilted at an angle that is suitable for them. This can help to improve posture and comfort while gaming. Gtracing gaming chair can be tilted from 90 to 160 degree whereas Homall gaming chair can be reclined from 90 to incredibly 180 degree for ultimate comforting sitting postures.

Commonalities: Homall Vs Gtracing

Homall and Gtracing are two best selling gaming chairs on Amazon with a range of common features. Read on to find out!


Design and appearance are important factors to consider when choosing a gaming chair. The chair should be comfortable and ergonomic, so that you can sit in it for long periods of time without feeling fatigue. It should also have a stylish design that matches the aesthetics of your gaming setup. Both homall and gtracing 099 gaming chairs check all the right boxes when it comes to style and design.

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The chairs use PU leather as covering, foam for seat and back filling material and steel metal frame for sturdiness and durability.

Homall gaming chair measures about 20x20x51 inches whereas Gtracing 099 measures about 20x21x51 which is almost similar with the difference of an inch and half. In terms of weight, both chairs are almost identical. Homall weighs 41 pounds while Gtracing 099 weighs about 46 pounds which is slightly heavier however, thanks to smooth rolling casters, mobility will not be an issue.

Back support

A gaming chair with a headrest and lumbar support can help improve your posture and comfort while you play. Many gaming chairs come with these features already built in, but if your chair doesn’t have them, you can purchase them separately. But in this case, you won’t have to buy separate headrest and lumbar support because you will get them built in with both homall and gtracing 099 gaming chairs.


Some companies offer limited warranties that only cover defects in materials or workmanship, while others offer more comprehensive coverage that includes accidental damage. If you’re considering purchasing a gaming chair, be sure to check the warranty terms before making your final decision.

For Homall and Gtracing gaming chairs, you get one-year limited warranty.

Conclusion: Homall vs GTRacing

The Homall and GTracing Gaming Chairs are great choices for anyone looking for an affordable gaming chair that still offers quality features. The two gaming chairs are comfortable and durable options and will last for years. Ultimately, the best gaming chair for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Buy Homall Gaming Chair if you are looking for:

  • Wide angle reclining feature
  • Rocking feature
  • Average weight capacity

Buy GTRacing Gaming chair if you are looking for:

  • Multiple color availability
  • No rocking feature required
  • Higher weight capacity

What are you choosing and why? Let us know about your favorite gaming chair in the comment section below.

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